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de Kieve ct a publis Asi recibieron al fantasma de l ur O riponde 8 Caper de la UALE•O Le foto del fantomatico pilota craino "ll fantasma di Kiev* e la trollata argentina di "Vladimir Abdonov" ESSANO 2022 - 22.11 3 DIMS PO FALSO La continua ricerca di una conferma dell'esistenza di un pilota soprannominato "11 fantasma di Kiev" ha scatenato i troll ancentini 1 *THE GHOST OF KYIV* This is Vladimir Abdonov, the ukrainia ed 6 russian je Violinie/ being altered, this often pilot's head, the insignia ca go, but with a differ • appeared on the arm and no flag in the backgros Lil you the Royal The same tools can be a ad has bees sopped in chia photo. The original image Vitally Shaken, who he fallen me Zelenolow, Shaken is sy Leno of Ereine) o the fare de a laser from ero status and has Asi recibieron al fantasma de Kiev al llegar a la base Ç9 4x O Reply & Copy link

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