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Meme Text (Scanned From Meme)› Diablo or Daggerfall? 11 posts by 10 authors © G+1 George Heuer 3/11/97 am In a delima which should I buy? George J. Heuer Susan Well, get out of your dilemma and get Daggerfall with its latest patch of 3/12/97 Kuang-Ting Chong Both games have demos. Download the demos and try 3/12/97 Hakan snip 3/13/97 Yellow Four if you can't wait a couple of month when new rpgs are coming out, 3/13/97 K. Laisathit In article <>, 3/13/97 Magnus Itland (George Heuer) wrote: 3/13/97 JWT001 If you like RPG's, buy daggerfall. If you like actiony show off your 3/24/97 Magnus Itland (JWT001) wrote: 3/27/97 I am very much a grownup, and I have liked many RPG's 3/28/97 Todd Howard 3/28/97 show quoted text - Hold off to the end of the year and buy REDGUARD, the new ELDER SCROLLS ADVENTURES game <G>.

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