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Charter Township Lapeer Fort Gratiot Twp FUCKERS OVERSATURATED THIS® 0 Petrolla 1233 Fenton MEME FORMAT (40 G Oil Springs East China 20 Marine City Auburn Hills verville 63) 39 Pontiac SD) Howell Troy Sterling Algonac 78) 75 Heights Walpole Island Dresden Brighton Warren Novi (CO 127 00 Lake St Clair Chatham-Kent Livonia 401 Chelsea Canton Detroit (22) North Buxton Ann Arbor South Buxton Ypsilonti 401, Lakeshore Merlin Ypsilanti Charter Twp 3) 3 23 (52) 3 Leamington Tecumseh Dundee Adrian Monroe ladison arter Twp CAN'T HAVE SHIT IN DETROIT Toledo Put in Bov

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