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Bunch of goddamn nerds in the same apartment shieeet man lol seeing this made my day View Go Window Help 141 11 ET (100%0) Wed 2:06 PM Wi-Fi: On Turn Wi-Fi Off Police Surveillance Van 2 Abraham Linksys Series of Tubes 404NetworkUnavailable PizBringVodkaToApt1310 Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi The Banana Stand I have wifi and you don't Use this one Mom No Free Wi-Fi For You Router, I Hardly Know Her SUPERthanksforasking Network not found BAD ERROR 313: disconnect Skynet Global Defense Network youcanthazwireless GET OFF MY LAN Hide your kids, Hide your Wi-Fi lookmanowires All YourBandWidthRbelongToUS8 € Join Other Network... Create Network.. Open Network Preferences

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