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Availabie in USA & Canada Wailable only in the USA THE RATMAN STREAM OR DOWNLOAD TO WATCH ANYWHERE 3 EASY STEPS Scan this QR Codes Go to and follow the steps OR 2. Enter the redemption code 7XZKGHX6AHYSA9G1 REDEEM DIGITAL MOVIE CODE BY 6/30/2024 No code reader? Go to your app 3. Watch instantly! store and search "QR scanner" DIGITAL MOVIE CODE REDEEMABLE AT DIFFERENT RETAILER(S) IN THE USA & CANADA. *DIGITAL CODE REDEMPTION REQUIRES PRIOR ACCEPTANCE OF LICENSE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. THIS DIGITAL CODE MAY NOT BE SOLD SEPARATELY AND MAY ONLY BE REDEEMED BY THE RECIPIENT OF THIS PHYSICAL/DIGITAL COMBO PACK OR A FAMILY MEMBER. Consumer must be age of consent, reside in the USA or Canada, and register for a digital service provider account (go to for a list of digital service providers and information regarding applicable license terms and conditions) NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ALL DEVICES, DOWNLOAD CAPABILITY AND DISPLAY RESOLUTION VARIES BY DEVICE AND BY DIGITAL SERVICE PROVIDER, CONSULT YOUR DIGITAL SERVICE PROVIDER, May only include ND main feature. Ultimate display resolution on playbacicis dependent upon connection and device characteristics, including screen resolution. High-speed internet connection required. Go to for additional details, requirements and technical support. Neither Wamer Bros. Entertainment Inc. nor any attillate is responsible for maintaining any digital service.

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