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Are Traps Gay? The answer is situational. If hes por less. 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Certified Hetero Acquired Taste ROMAN RVLES Serious Self-Doubts * Hard Cay o* • Man does not know the trap is a man (the True Trap) - Trap has exaggerated feminine leatures, such as breasts or Trap has obviously male features but attempts to cover - Trap has obviously mate Trap is not feminine in the Futa them up as best he can features and males no attempt slightest (muscle. body hair, weff Dicker with feminine bedy, female like 3 sizes Man intends to male the trap Do cone et Gender bender, man doesnT • Dickgirl with boyish body - Man (not u trap) lets the trap know the wornan's true identity • Gender broder, man known female on trap of any kind the woman a true identice Copy anent Mi c H OR e •Solo traps Man is fated on the traps Den Man is very familario penetrate him orally co anally traps male identity, perhaps Cross-dressing is only a lank for Man uses the hun* honerific best friends an otherwise pay relacionship Any trap on-trap, action Man is somewhat familiar with Man plays with trap* pens the trap's mate identity (handjob, frottape, etc) comple sartople Mesw-Moves,/viaval Ca pi aaple, Comple Canne See bople DO S Tori no Do we Erlau Spoonen• COt Ced At chat no Miter Stopsconen A EA O 1 false dena footn Tatatre Caveat: It's never gay if he's wearing a Shimakaze cosplay.

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