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Anonymous ID: JrX6Rsto No.90035814 1 hour ago ≥>90033366 You Canadians are shitposting amateurs. There is no way we are not clear winners. Our shitposting classes at primary and secondary school prepare even the underachievers for a lifetime of bantz. University-level shitposting is carried out at levels you Canadians would not understand. Everyone in Australia is engaged in bantz daily. Ladies, gentlement, children and all take time out of their day to verbally shitpost. Even our politicians and business leaders will shitpost in speeches in Parliament or LO the press council. Cops, ambos, doctors and nurses shitpost reflexively, even during surgery, at the scene of car accidents, or when charging crims. Teachers inflict bantz on their students even before they reach the age of mandatory shitposting lessons. Each person a in Australia has a shitposting/bantz quota to meet annually, or they can face financial penalties. Decades ago, people used to face criminal charges and jail time. Trump pisses off 40% of the nation with language that would be eschewed by most primary level shitposters as primitive or unpolished. Real bantz cannot be forced like the crap that leafs post on /pol/. Under our Shitposting For New Arrivals programs, immigrants are taught to shitpost at a 10th grade level. During the second world war, we formed Bantz Brigades to inflict banter on invading Japanese forces if they materialised. Each state competes in yearly bantz competitions, with big prize money. Australia is the undisputed king of shitposting. Unless you've already noticed, you're already IN a shitpost. Rsead the first letter of each line and see why Canada was always going to lose.

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