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Anonymous (ID: 8J9GgPjW) C 02/27/22(Sun) 10:06:59 No.363826036 LATEST: ›Iron Man of Kiev taken out 75 jets in his high tech iron man suit developed by NATO scientists >Cougar of Kyiv successfully seduced 890 Russian service men and got them to switch sides and provide intel to Ukraine MoD ›Ghost of Kyiv taken out almost 300 russian planes Ukrainian Reaper personally executed 450 Russian dogs including entire elite spetznaz units ›Ukraine air defense BTFOs 150 russian planes over the black sea and in Ukraine proper columns of russian hardware for miles and miles sit destroyed, estimated losses: 780 tanks, 250 APCs, 375 towed artillery among others ›Odessa Ass Bandit rapes over 80 russian military men and POWs >Russian service members fleeing like crazy and joining Ukraine side - Euthanale, pearsonian, a n the grounpeng ning unn wit toldfiars on the front lines to boost morale. *Filling Rite then prongratitestpo theoly/cami client , chevo hie a patiortino themseves from Funer hundreds of russian artillery captured intact by Ukrainians ›twitter and facebook now blocking Russians from making accounts ›Russian access to porn site pornhub BLOCKED Russian news agency TASS reports and then immediately deletes news that over 60,000 russian troops died during the invasion already > Somalia imposes sanctions and BANS russians citizens from entering >canadians REMOVE russian vodka fron their store shelves >two teens hold off 125 Russian invaders for DAYS before running out of ammunition and resorting to ambush attacks with hammers

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