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Anonymous Guys am I in trouble? 06/14/22(Tue)19:27:50 No.69046266 >be me >in communications class in college >task is to create a 5 minute presentation on anything you want 257 KB PNG »everyone chose normal subjects like sports, fitness, their pet >I tried to be funny by making a presentation titled "how to do a 5 minute presentation" »plugged in USB and started ›intentionally linked a broken video, asked the teacher for help, said never mind I'll continue ›revealed the first step being '1. link a broken video" fiddled with the remote for 10 seconds then flipped the slide to "2. pretend the remote isn't working" ›dropped it slide 3 "3. drop the remote" >not a single person laughed in the entire room and I started feeling super awkward, tried to continue ›teacher told me to sit down and I'm wasting everyone's time and if didn't actually prepare anything I should've said so ›awkward silence until the next person went up teacher emailed me to meet with the counselor tomorrow about this what the fuck bros this seemed funny in my mind but in execution it was absolutely terrible am retarded or some shit what's the most amount of trouble i can get in for this shit

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