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Anonymous 815056689 14|7 E Hey /b/ I need to tell you guys a story >Be me >Be working at suicide hotline ›Have access to donation logs >Go through them from time to time 124.0 kB PNG between calls >Notice a man has made a donation of $17.50 every month, same day, for a couple years Check to see if there's a note with the donations >They all read something like as follows "To Jason, from dad. miss you every day" >| asked about it, turns out his son killed himself when he was really young >That money is his son's allowance Don't think that people won't miss you, or people will forget you, you are loved anon even if you don't feel it right now. 3 REPLIES 3 IMAGES REPLY

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MD5 Hash: 3067bb70554076ab6d4c445d27fe7e15