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Anonymous 12/19/18(Wed)21:49:52 No.787754368 > be me > live in my parents' basement like the degenerate that i am > one day my parents arent home > hear the break of glass 5 KB PNG ohshit.png > robbers are breaking into my house > hide in closet > hear robber coming up the stairs to the second floor > wait a second > my sister is upstairs > gotta save her > grab my dad's gun > load it > strip naked > run up the stairs and burst into my sister's room > kamikaze.jpg the robber is in there > start masturbating furiously and scream FATHER JOHNSON > laugh hysterically and scream GIVE ME GOLLS CRISPY CRISPY GOLLS RUB WHIP CREAM ON ME DADDY > ree at the top of my lungs > still masturbating > robber screams 'what the fuck" and runs out of there mission accomplished > mfw there wasn't a robber a mfw it was my dad > mfw he broke a plate > mfw im getting sent to a mental hospital next week

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