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Anonymous 12/04/16(Sun)00: 19:20 No. 359600273 ≥>359600448 >>359600491 >>359600539 >>359600560 ≥>359600601 >>359600602 >>359600625 >>359600764 File: Spoiler Image (82 KB, 528x960) >359599614 Its not much of story anon ill give you he quick green txt version. >Be about 6 yrs ago ›Meet grill on FB >We hit off and date ›Few months into it she gets pregnant >We decide on adoption •Fast forward to delivery day >As my daughter is bor | decide cant/wolnt give her away -Baby momma tells me she doesnt want her and if I want O keep her its all ne >I say alright take the child and move back in with family Raise the child for 4 years on my own with no help from her mother >My family helps out here and there ›Finally save up enough to get place for us and pay rent a year in advance >We move into a one bedroom »She gets the bedroom sleep on the pullout ›She is 5 now her bday is on the 17th >Ive worked as much as I can So she vill have stuff or her bday and christmas > pic related its last xmas V I O

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