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Anonymous 10/12/18(Fri)22:57:34 No.782177232 >be me >work for a pizza place ›alrightimadeliveryboy.mp3 >one day get a delivery that's about 8 miles away 17 KB JPG ›fuckmylife.gif >on way to delivery >about 10 minutes in get toned by a truck everything fucking hurts >Lose conciousness >I wake up on a stretcher >I'm being rushed to the emergency >I'm on the emergency table >I'mStillConciousDamnit.thought >A light blinds me >| look to my side >I see a forest of pines > look on my other side >| see a hairy in roughed clothes >my hands are tied up there's 2 other guys with me >we're in a cart being pulled by horses >the title screen shows >"The Elder Scrolls V: Skryrim" >Todd Howard you fucking did it again

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