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Anonymous 10/10/15(Sat)17:23:41 No.118589457 >>118589527 >>118589620 >>118589016 S is for semen, Todd Howard spews alot, at a party at on some random thot P is for penis Todds is erect. 12 inches long and as thick as your neck E is for erection, Todds favorite weapon, when puri your girl comes around, you know he be steppin* C is for cunt, your girl is one true. Todd fucked her twice, once in where she poos. I is for insert, what Todd does with his cock, he puts in in places that Ron Jeremy would mock A is for anal, Todd Howards favorite game, be it virgins or hookers, it always ends he same L is for labia, on the last on our list, while Todd fucks the ass, he pleasure labia with his Fist.

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