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Anonymous 07/24/18(Tue)09:29:25 No.775216986 »be me >recently broke up with gf anare >feel sad af >try online dating >meet this girl online 435 KB PNG >we instantly connect >ask her on a date >date a few times, kisses n stuff >one day after going out for dinner she asks me to come at her place for coffee »gonnahavesex.jpg >she tells me she's into bondage accept, not really my thing but I guess I can try >tells me to close my eyes >i do »feel her tying my hands >places a blindfold on my head bed begins to shake and creak >wtf.jpg >feel a cold breeze hit my face >i can smell a strong scent of pinewoods >remove the blindfold from my eyes >mfw i'm about to be sentenced to death with other prisoners >mfw i turn around and see todd howard running away while removing his fake wig >mfw i'm now in skyrim

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