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Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)21:54:29 No.880730316 accidentally fisted my roommate >be me, 18, move into college dorm »roomate is also 18, gay >I mention I do boxing every so often 153 KB PNG »roomate jokes | could use him as a punching bag ›end up punching his butt cheek as a joke >roomate said I should actually use his cheeks as a punching bag so I can save some money instead of going to the boxing club >over 2 weeks it develops from me punching his cheeks while he was clothed to him being naked so l don't "ruin" his clothes >end up punching his asshole as well as his cheeks ›roommate says I should lube my hands so I don't get skin burn, I fall for it »punching his cheeks developed into me punching his asshole »end up punching his hole exclusively because my hand would go straight in and the effort to pull it out actually made me gain muscle »now I'm basically fisting him as a workout »this goes on a for a month ›one night I'm fisting him, look in the mirror and he's smiling and moaning ›stop and leave straight away after realising how fucked up it was I unironically fisted my roommate without realising it Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)21:58:44 No.880730453 Yeah I've done this a couple times. I didn't realise until was elbow deep ≥>880731668 # Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)22:00:39 No.880730523 anon didn't realize he was doing fisting until one fuckin month of fisting his faggot roommate

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