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Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri) 18:31:15 No.69162562 >be me, child >live in a region where roach infestations are incredibly common >every single night they find a way in through my window and crawl 8 KB JPG along the wall next to my desk normally slap them with my palm but it's gross and i have to wash my hands >one night, i have genius idea >there is a large painted rock i've kept since 4th grade on my desk >the bottom is flat, optimal for insuring roach squishage >i begin using the bottom of the rock to crush every roach i see running up my wall >keep this up for months, i'm crushing a minimum of five roaches every night with my roach rock >one night i start smelling something absolutely putrid ›smells oily and almost of a fecal nature >mom starts to pick up on the smell, asks me to help her figure out what it is >after scouring for the source i spy my awesome roach rock and lift it up >a brown smelly paste is coating the entire bottom of the rock, it smells like death >my mother looks absolutely mortified >the entire year i spent crushing hundreds of bastard roaches, not once had i thought to clean the bottom of the rock off >she throws it away >it is never addressed again by either of us anyone else had tard moments like this or am i just a special case?

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