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Anonymous 06/14/17(Wed)03:09:43 No.380380127 >>380379339 (OP) # Geez, oh man. Is this about one those "visual games" of his? That boy used to talk about 49 KB JPG nothing else when he was a wee lad. The other children used to make fun of him for it, called him a "dork". Then again, he never quite was the athletic type. President of the chess club, though. No matter what, i am proud of my boy, and y'all should very well consider buying that "Skyer" game of his. ≥>380380932 # ≥>380381000 # ≥>380381723 # ≥≥380382138 # >>380387591 # ≥>380390315 # ≥>380393081 # ≥>380396121 # >>380400059 # Anonymous 06/14/17(Wed)03:04:01 No.380379339 It has come to my attention that some of you were making fun of my little toddy. This is unacceptable. Buy his fucking game right now or i will 50 KB JPG have a word with your parents and inform your school principal. My little sunshine is sitting next to me right now, crying. It took him so much courage to confess this to me. You WILL buy Skyrim for the Switch and you WILL buy Fallout 4 VR. Do make myself clear, young man? Anonymous 06/14/17(Wed)03:12:29 No.380380518 ≥≥380379339 (OP) # Yeah, lay off my big bro, you poop-heads. His games are fricking AWESOME. 49 KB JPG I mean it's no CoD, or anything, but it's way bomb! No foolin'! When i get my allowance, i'm totally gonna buy my big bros game! 2>380380932 # ≥>380382138 # ≥>380387591 # >>380390315 # ≥>380400059 # ≥>380400397 # >>380403310 #

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