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Anonymous 03/16/21(Fri)01:07:26 No.45172310 >Be paramedic ›Seen dozens of suicides in the last 8 years >The reactions of the loved ones 169 KB JPG are always bad >None is ever worse than a dad loosing his son There is not a thing in this world that is more depressing sounding than a man sobbing while clutching his sons lifeless body. remember one who killed himself by shotgun slug after he came back from Iraq. There was nothing left of him, and his father got home just as we were getting ready to leave. I couldn't let him see, so stood there and just didn't let him through. He went downstairs to the basement and clutched his sons old baseball glove, rocking back and forth, just saying "papas here, buddy, papas here." Don't do it anons. ≥>45172699 #

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