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Anonymous 03/07/22(Mon)03:38:32 No.67685849 I've been cucked >be femanon >have 6/10 bf >he's really nice and thougtful so it's solid 7/10 ›sex.exe regularly sometime he wants me to put this on, 125 KB JPG pic related what he likes >don't think much about it, maybe just > until one day he murmured "Rose" while sleeping after sex.exe >wtf is he cheating me? >ask him directly who is Rose? he admits it's a 2D character I wear her costume all the time tfw I've been cucked by a 12 years old who doesn't exist. maybe he thinks about her all the times we have sex not me. Anonymous 03/07/22(Mon)03:41:46 No.67685872 ≥>67685849 (OP) Her name is ROSA you uneducated swine 368 KB PNG

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