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Anonymous 02/05/22(Sat)10:38:44 No.872089694 met a drunk girl at the bar and I went back to her apartment. She was on top and I told her to get off because was going to cum and she said "it's fine just do it, cum inside me" I told 48 KB JPG her no and to get off but she just rode harder and kept saying "cum for me" over and over. I tried to get her off me but I couldn't. What do I do now? Was I raped? : Anonymous 02/05/22(Sat)10:41:18 No.872089772 ≥>872089694 (OP) # No • •0 Anonymous 02/05/22(Sat)10:42:28 No.872089809 You're gonna be raped by Family Court if she pops out a little you.

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