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Anonymous 01/30/20(Thu)19:15:57 No.819632796 THOSE FUCKERS DEFLATED MY HORSE CAN'T HAVE SHIT IN DETROIT image0-35.jpg 71 KB JPG Revenge stories? 'Il go first. >Be me >26 >Live alone in the country, a few neighbors, not bad people >Except > This one fucking farmer >Asshole just decides to dump his animal's shit all over my backyard > Tell him to stop >He doesn't >Alrightyourmistake.mp4 >He has horses See, these horses were good horses, but they were skiddish. >Buy a 10 or so vibrators ›Seduce his horses over the course of a few weeks Eventually make my move Sneak into the stables at night, vibrators ready >Work my charm on the horses > They let me go behind >warmasfuck -grossasfuck >Leave vibrators inside the horse coochie The next day... >Asshole farmer riding his horses around >Notice > Turn on ALL vibrators >The horses lose their shit, they think they're being raped ›Horse the farmer was riding rears, he falls off, breaking his arm ›Turn off vibrators, feel bad >Go back next night, I've had my fun >Get my vibrators back I'm saving them for when he wants to fuck around again. Pic semi-related.

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