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Anonymous 00/22/16/(Tue)17 23 39 NO 29041721 P 2:28240324 222002284 2230242020 22200802834 2220248885 2233208252 2220053281 2233253200 2-30214011 2273284115 P:33707152 Fie: WOW gIf (64 KB, 500x200) cona bary 3 in 2000 500 for first parade 1 WAlk in 25 + 355 50 rm wbartse buday. l rent marker, which means I have 10 1 in the dark see some dude in strange uniform, locies ceremonial but its hard to tel, its not tirst light yet anyone NCO walks past s > think to myself notehatever he's probably some PNG guy here being trained or sumtn* > as we get closer I decide I had better greet him incase an NO see's me being a jack cunt and doing the wrong thing • *day cunt howsitgoing?* > before he can reply, I shoot back a quick *yeah tucking top stut mate, have a good onel" to try and get it over and done with quickly ater dismissal at the end of the day I get a Charge Disciplinary action form handed to me sergeart screaming down my throat for a solid 45 minutes, R$M calls me to his office > turns out he wast a PNG Guse was a 4 star General from American Army here on joint ex preparat 1 a foreign general Cunt' and I / DICK E ad waked away Th 3 stuffed with counties pineappies! Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)17 40 43 NO 29341802 ) >›20 uSO 115010241 20/72/14(708)18 »231232 L POLO CP00) •34121 Holy Ruck NOxer vast Rexng tro fT see Anonymous 03/23/16/Wed)22.12.53 NO 29354115 P Fie: 1453342050063,09 (22 KB, 340%340) -›29341721 an inspiration 5 everywhere. x›22411721 CIVIC/77S us 03/23/16(Wed)02:29:51 No. 29344045 File: yellow guy laffin jpg (162 KB, 1462x1462) LATER... >>29341721 Sonoral from Amencon Army Disciplinary action

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MD5 Hash: 91150b2d35d67f62c145eeb648b579e9