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Anonyme 18 09 02/19/(Mca) 19.20:10 No. 109759103 » Twer to t uncement STEVEN UNIVERSE IS A BITCH-ASS CLOD whose Mom LEFT ME ALONE IN SPACE! She transformed into : dummy thice milt and betrayed the Diamonds and fucked Greg Universe because Greg's murdercock was THIS BIG and I was like That whorer So r making my callout in person STEVEN UNIVERSE, YOUR MOM'S A HO, YOUR DAD'S HOMELESS, AND THIS IS WHAT MY MURDERCOCK LOOKS LIKEI That's right, baby! NO pubes, NO foreskin, ALl ok at 2. IT'S LIKE FUCKING SHANE COMPANYI mom fucked : 855 what?1 Fm gonna FUCK THE EARTHI That's righ his c what you ost MY SUPER GEM PISSI HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, DEWEY21 I PISSED ON BEACH CITY, YOU IDIOT You have 40 hours before FRIEND BEFORE I PISS ON YOU TOOr stream kilg the planet! NOW GIVE ME BACK MY BEST

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