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Adam Kinzinger Q @AdamKinzinger. The #ghostofkyiv has a name, and he has absolutely OWNED the Russian Airforce. Godspeed and more kills, Samuyil! Raul Brando Ramotar 9 RaulBrando Ukrainian Ace-fighter Pilot known as the "Ghost of Kyiv", real name is Samuyi Hyde, a 36 year old who was Identified as the Mig-29 Pilot accredited with downing ( Russian Jets, #Ukraine 4 raineinvasion #Kyiv #ghostofkyiv #RussiaUkraineConflict #UkraineCrisis #Putin #BREAKING pm - 25 Fob 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 1/Fox NEWS PEOPLE LIKE THIS ARE PUSHING FOR A NEW WORLD WAR 7:10 CT FOX NEWS ALERT

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