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A problem has been detected and windoes has been shut doen to prevent up to your capita The problem seems to be caused by the following users CaNCA PAOLOLENESTS.ECTHEDEEVEGMIOLAROLOMAEA 17 chis is first cine you've seen chis stop arroe scesen. turn off your cop.ier and learn to use a computer. If chis screen access again. follow chase steps: nether COaCh Seconds: CHEe ViCe PRe eat chore ten oh. E on cod Chit 1a 30 u Cil they Me *removed'. The PEEKA; arroe aty have cared the detecton of Seportant files, you may hive to relatall your os before the problem is resolved. I/ problems concirue stare e • computec. in Safe node. backup your 1114s and pesy that some confpotene being will deliver your computer from the abyss. Technical Saferationi *** 5108: 0-00000000 (0-133736.7H4N200, 0-00000002, OxE11K )C4x), 0-00000000)

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