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= /pol/ Anonymous ID: C1cnGsNt Thu 29 Apr 2021 15:14:54 No.319268965 5 >>319267552 View "The King" was later found out to be an American man named Ryan Brewer the family of Ryan Anthony Brewer made contact with Jamaican authorities shortly after the incident, noting that he suffered from mental illness. events which transpired in Jamaica may have triggered a psychotic episode, adding that Brewer is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Brewer revealed that he had arrived in Jamaica on September 12 full of happiness and joy in anticipation that he would be tying the knot with a local woman. A woman who was waiting in the airport lounge and overheard the conversation told The Den that a clearly distraught Brewer kept shouting that he was heartbroken". According to the woman, Brewer told security personnel that after arriving in the island and meeting up with the woman, who he revealed he had met on Facebook, she allegedly fleeced him out of $1000 USD. "She told me that she was going to use the money to make wedding preparations," Brewer is heard telling the security officer. Brewer said that after giving the woman the funds, she took off never to be seen again, and refused to answer his Facebook messages. The American, who is of a California address, further told officers that after giving the woman most of his money he met into financial difficulties, which resulted in him spending a few nights sleeping on a beach. Brewer said he felt ashamed and embarrassed that he was going home single after having left the United States announcing that he was going to marry a Jamaican princess. his return airline ticket was purchased by the US Embassy. screaming-jetblue-passenger-treated-at-bellevue-says- ican-woman-broke-his-heart/

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