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›married, with a six year old daughter »wife hates violent videogames and doesn't want me playing them with daughter in same room ›my little girl loves some of the violent stuff, but do draw the line obviously >she absolutely loves, loves, loves Raiden, Sam, and the MGR: R cast of characters. Mostly likes Raiden and Sam over the rest of them. -get a phonecall from school, saying she was in a fight. shave to leave work and address this mess -principal explains to me that she punched a boy who made fun of her, stood over him and said, "Show me a good time, Jack.' > almost, almost started to laugh and had to brush it off like a cough. »had to ball my fist over my mouth, excuse myself. > Anon, do you have any idea where she learned this?" >No sir, but I will talk to her about it." >We made it five steps into the parking lot before I lost my shit, imagining my daughter standing over some little shit with her arms spread saying, "Show me a good time, Jack.' -got her ice cream, had a heart to heart, and had to play it down when wifey got home Kids are a treat sometimes.

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