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"Is it gay to love traps?" sowour is!¡enuajsixa juajsixa-uou PLATO: "For a man to love traps is not gay by any ARISTOTLE: "Suppose, for the sake of argument, that measure, for traps embody the true form of feminine traps were just a species within the genus of women, Beauty, which suffers no constraint by any earthly just as "tall women" are. This would mean that traps are gender but is rather fulfilled in all feminine bodies women, which makes it not gay for a man to love them. regardless of their biological origins. For example, one However, insofar as traps exist as a distinct species of might love and admire a statue of a woman, but we would women, it must be fundamentally gay to love them, for the never call such a person a statue-lover, for iS the form of differentia of a trap is the quality of "having been raised the Female which is instantiated in the statue that this as a boy". If one were to be a lover of tall women to the person admires; likewise with traps. We see that there are exclusion of women of other heights, we would say that some who love traps but despise overly-masculine bodies, this person is a lover of "tallness". Likewise, if one were to and for these people, it is not proper to speak of them as love trap-women, to the exclusion of other women, we being gay at all, for the nature of gayness, if gayness were would say that this person is lover of the differentiating is to exist, is the love of a gender which is the same as yours. quality of traps, which is "having been raised as boys," This love is something which has its timeless origin in the and hence that this person is straight in some ways, but domain of Forms before it could ever become instantiated also gay. For it is the differences between species from in the world of bodies. Therefore, it is not gay to love traps, which we derive our definitions. So long as the distinction for one loves not the earthly body of a young boy but a between trap-women and non-trap-women exists, it must transcendent Woman-Beauty that is fundamentally be at least a little gay to love traps. And if it is at least & female in nature and completely incorporeal." little bit gay to love traps, then it is certainly gay. DIOGENES: "Lmao dude, who giveth a fuck about gender-distinctions when you can celebrate the wedding- hymn of your right hand to any person you want?"

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