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>don't want Ukraine to join Nato >them joining nato would completely fuck up your geostrategic position > absolutely can't have Ukraine in Nato 23 KB JPG >try to use politics and diplomacy >can't win against no money and corrupt Ukrainian politics >start to lose grip on Ukraine in 2014 relationship worsens completely after you grab that precious Krim >nato gets closer and closer to getting Ukraine in >so you play your last card ›invade Ukraine ›use your units in the most retarded way possible >no air support >no supplies >make your army laughing stock of the whole world >lose tons of soldiers >lose tons of equipment >no problem, that's army tradition anyway eventually retreat without achieving any objective >Ukraine now believes it can beat Russia on its own >decides it doesn't even need nato anymore proudly announces it will stay independent >other nato countries see what a laughing stock the Russian army is >lose any fear >nato desolves as no one fears Russia anymore and doesn't want mutt soldiers on its land >crisis prevented Putin is a fucking genius, poltards just can't understand 69D chess

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