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≥Be me >Be sleeping >Hear a window smash at 3:49am 32 KB JPG ›Grab my home defense musket because that's what the founding fathers intended when they wrote the second amendment >Run out of the room and see two masked men >Fire musket at first one, blows a hole a foot in diameter in him >He's dead on the spot >Musket ball continues to fly wildly going through my neighbor's wall and nails his dog ›Grab my flintlock pistol and fire it at the second man >Musket ball misses entirely because is smoothbore >Ball goes through other neighbors house and destroys his TV >Fix Bayonet to musket and jab the second guy 15 times ›Reload my musket in case any more rapscallions arrive Police knock and enter upon hearing the ruckus >Can't hear or see because of the flintlocks report ›Mistakenly shoot the police officer ›Stabbed guy bleeds out at the hospital after using four pints of blood because triangle bayonet wounds are impossible to stitch up >Just as the founding fathers intended.

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