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: Anonymous 09/08/17(Fri)13:29:45 No.39607161 ›parents are out of town for the weekend finally have some privacy and the house to myself >spent a half hour fucking myself with a big 8 fat 8 inch dildo 319 KB PNG ›various positions, doggy style, riding, missionary etc >by the time i'm finished i'm all slimy and covered in lube >sweating and panting, shivering and shaking ›slumped over, collapsed on a wet towel on the bathroom floor ›feeling like a pile of used fuckmeat >spend another half hour sitting in the shower recovering My knees are still shaking and I keep farting out lube. I would do this every single day if I could. Anonymous 09/08/17(Fri)13:31:24 No.39607194 >>39607381 # ... Anonymous 09/08/17(Fri)13:32:03 No.39607209 Are you a guy or a girl? I need to know if can beat my meat to this 73 KB PNG >>39607257 #

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