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... Anonymous 07/01/18(Sun)20:56:44 No.773137671 >breast milk / lactation fetish convince gf to order sketchy meds from vietnam to induce lactation ›months later unmarked brown package arrives ›loose pills in a bag >fuck it >gf begins taking them with each meal >within a week tits start leaking >within a month she's gone up a cupsize >tits defying gravity they're so perky >she can squirt streams of milk across the room sucking it out best sensation ever >sex is intense and feral >best we've ever had >become addicted to drinking her milk > constantly crave the taste of it (even now) >always end up rock hard when she gives me a drink ›ravage her like an animal at the watering hole >seeing great gains in gym, not sure if related or not >brown bag eventually runs out of pills website we ordered from shut down ›milk supply getting smaller >can't find new supplier >milk supply mostly gone desperation for milk intensifies ›get her pregnant intentionally just so I can get more milk >tfw gf is 5 months pregnant and we're in a shitty 1 bedroom rental with no savings >no idea what to do next >breast milk addiction ruining my life >can't wait to drink it again though

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