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: Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)15:06:16 No.69160879 >get randomly assigned to a chinese roommate freshman year of college >meet this chinese girl through him >she's apparently really into me and gets my number through him ›texts me and asks me to go to the gym together >we do that ›keeps inviting herself to hang out with me for over a year still don't realize that she's into me >one weekend her roommate is going away and she invites me to sleep over >we're in her bed cuddling >my dick is rock hard and against her butt while I'm holding her >she says >"do you want to fuck me?" >think she's making fun of me for being a loser kind of like a hot girl asking out an ugly guy as a joke >"why would you say that?" >turn over away from her and try to go to sleep Our relationship was never the same after that. Two years later we hung out again and confessed to her that I love her and want to be with her and she rejected me hard. If only wasn't such a pussy faggot. Part of it though was that I knew she had a chinese boyfriend at another school and I was still l naive enough at the time to think that girls didn't actually cheat on their boyfriends in college, therefore she couldn't actually be into me ≥>69161002 #

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