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: Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)14:29:08 No.69160604 ≥>69160094 (OP) # >be me, 17 >girl that i really like is at my house ›she's 18, way more experienced than me in relationships >she knows i like her and she (i found out later) liked me >we lay in my bed and turn on a tv show >she takes my hand in hers >she wraps herself around me >went from khhv -> kv in a matter of minutes >couple nights later >same thing happens, i am in pure bliss >she smiles, says 'should i do it?' and takes my hand and puts it on her tits >dont know what to do >just keep my hand there for a few minutes >she can tell im nervous and asks if im ok >i say 'i just want to respect you...' >she gets fake-mad and goes 'i dont want to be respected anon!' >turns around, faces away from me and mutters 'whatever' >falls asleep in my bed >i continue cuddling until i fall asleep too miss her every day. She's with someone else now, but she opened so many doors. She turned out to be manipulative as shit, but I still cry every night. She left last week. >>69161002 #

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