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... Anonymous 05/27/22(Fri)12:54:58 No.878972831 hey b my dad just died yesterday and I really need to tell you who he was, what kind of man he was and why I am the luckiest man ever to have had him >be me 77 KB JPG >7 year old, happy kid ›in school in 2nd grade, brother in 4th and sister in Kindergarten ›getting out of school and looking for mom, see dad standing at the curb instead ›fucking tits, dad is always at work, this is a Wednesday >asks my brother where he wants to go, Shawn says ICE CREAM MOTHER FUCKER >we get ice cream >asks me where want to go >| saw the park -go to the park for a couple hours >asks my sister where she wants to go. We coached her at the park and she says "PIZZA' at our local place >get pizza, all of us freaking out, it's past 8 by this time »after dinner takes us to get ice cream AGAIN >we get home, he puts us right to bed, tucks us in and when we asked where mommy is he said "She's not here kiddo, go to sleep" >wake up next day at 10, we all freaking panic, missed school >dad sits us down, tells us the bad news. Mom won't be coming home. Mom is dead. In my teens find out suicide. >world is ruined that man, that man. he found out the woman he had been with since he was 17 years old killed herself, took an hour to grieve and then picked us all up from school and gave us one last day of happiness, one last great memory before everything changed. That's the kind of guy Mike was. And I miss Mike. hug your dad

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