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: Anonymous 02/04/22(Fri)00:41:07 No.872024174 >when was 9 I went to Vegas >we were at a hotel I can't remember which one and getting on an elevator >| hear a burley voice ask to hold the door 14 KB JPG >my parents look like they've just seen a ghost >| look up > John fucking Goodman is standing there in a nice suit fairly tipsy >my parents are in awe same as me >| said 'you're the guy from the Flintstones!" >he yells " oh boy are you right! yabadabadoo!" asks my dad to hold his cigar and picks me up »points down at my shirt and says "whats that?" and then flicks my nose >I was laughing and he chuckled and said "good kid you got here" >he put me down reaches in his pocket, pulls out a money clip and gave my parents a couple hundred dollars each and a cigar and said "you guys enjoy your trip huh?" >we walk out of the elevator and look back and he points a finger gun at me and clicks his tongue, waves goodbye to my parents »totally awesome dude 10/10 celebrity >I will never not be a fan

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