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=100% 8 140 (18:30:42] One-eyed Gwajboj : Hm? Where Archduke Kam'lanaut? Why is he come not? 18:30:47] Nag'molada: These surrounds befit not a man of his exalted stature. I shall partake in the ceremony as the archduke's representative. 18:30:57] One -eyed Gwajboj: Archduke know resistance useless. He is stubborn man. Party-- (18:31:01] One-eyed Gwajboj Good soldier know when fight is over. Your fight now over. KUwooDici968 18:34:001 One eyed Guelbel: You prose coal hore. Sevda 0852 18:3 :09 Then all your Jeuno are belong to usly Im/trov"2228- One-eyed Gwajboj : You are on way to destruction! I

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