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8 0 0 Anonymous 09/08/21(Wed)21:49:33 No.65310615 >be me >have a crush on a girl from college >she doesn't have a fb only insta, snap and twitter 8 KB JPG >refuse to join insta so make a twitter for the first time to follow her >she follows me back ›cooms.jpg ›realize if you follow the right people it's not as annoying actually find a community I'm into and meet people online where we talk about our hobbies, trade pictures and stuff >they all encourage me to ask my crush out notice she isn't follow me anymore but I can still send her a dm >she tells me I'm a disgusting piece of shit and should rot in hell >wtf.png >turns out fucking twitter shows what you fucking liked to your followers Anons I liked a lot of loli shit how can I turn this around 6 Replies / 2 Images View Thread

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