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4rvp Today at 11:25 PM > buy Elder Scrolls VI > game starts in bustling hammerfell city > wake up, head off to work as courier/delivery boy for the court > someone says your hat is off, go in mirror to check > character creation screen, only race is redguard > character finished, continue with dialogue > deliver official documents to tavern > someone you know rushes in to tell you something important > you are informed of bounty hunters going after you > attempt to run away, grabbing most belongings in one go, leaving a note > escape city, no sign of bandits > after some time running, you get tired and slow down in the forest > bandits come and knock you out > some time passes > you wake up > 1 person to your side, 2 people in front of you in a small cart > hands tied > through snowy mountain-side forest > title screen shows > "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim™ > Todd Howard you did it again

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