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3. 670x713) L3 Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)21:55:53 No.420923261 > D-420023562 ›x420023582 D:420225075 D:420128778 2x520227884 Why havent you pre-ordered Fallout 76. 23 Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)21:56.46 No.420923351 ) -»420021502 File: 5 png (280 KB. 553x396) No, seriously. Tell me. Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)21:58:46 No.420923569 P ->42002382 22420923261 OPJ I did though, two infact. One for PS4 and one for Xbone. Specifcally the $200 version that comes with the sick ass helmet. L Anonymous 06/17/18/Sun)21:58:54 No.420923582 P 22420023845 File: (74 KB. 900x900) 2>420923261 (QP) 5>420923351 Id rather play New Vegas, Todd L3 Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)22:01:53 No.420923885 l Daw reser File: 18. cog (208 KB, 476x316) -2420923582 THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT YOUR NEXT WORDS. Anonymous 05/17/18/(Sun)22.02.56 No.420924002 P 22420824103 File: 1617795015820 jog (289 KB, 800x600) 224206028885 Face it Todd. New Vegas is a better game could ever hope to l Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)22:04:05 No.420924103 > 9-420024165 File: 3.0ng (863 KB, 652x724) 22470504002. THATS IT, BITCH. YOU WILL BUY MY GAME IF I RAVE TO SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT. Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)22:04:36 No.420924165 P 22420024402 File: DoniTostMs.jog (135 KB, 900x900) 22420924103 Try it fucker Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)22:07:05 No.420924409 l 22620024513 Fie: 1510981075849 jog (55 KB, 708x708) ->420924165 SIT YOUR ASS DOWN BOY L Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)22:09.01 No. 420924613 P 22420024262 Fie: 6acbinomeant.jpg (197 KB, 900x900) >>421924409 You aught to put the fucking gun down Todd, rd hate to do this to you 06/17/18 Sun 2 Fie: 1446164750308 jog (25 KB, 338x358) D42002507 22420824613 LETS DO T S BITCH Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)22: 11:27 No.420924868 D File: 1446164750309.jog (34 KB. 338x358) chick Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)22:12:29 No.420924993 l DE NOIRE CRA Fie: CRITICAL HIj0g (256 KB, 1000x750) Anonymous 06/17/18/Sun 102 40.420925064 D-420/925290 File: Sawyer wraponized. jog (34 KB. 409x529) cu tried Anonymous 06/17/18/(Sun)22.17:16 No.420925497 ) 224/497:157 based Todd Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)22:19.53 No.420925798 - 22420026863 22420026321 22-420626542 File: 22 jpg (418 KB 1333x2000) 24/4825064 What a fool you are. I'm a god. How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. No bad review or boycott can work in this place. Come. Lay down your weapons. It is not too late for my mercy Anonymous 06/17/18(Sun)22:21:29 No.420925963 ) File: 1267350350-00 jog (25 KB, 388x400) >242082579 Id rather die then succumb to you, Godd Howard El Anonymous 06/17/18/Sun 22 21:43 No.420925991 P >42825793 HE IS RISEN

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