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2 hours later Hey how's it Wow, you're Yeah, we have : going aren't Yeah, I've seen lot in common, we in the same you lol remember so easy to talk o. I feel like and I'm making it bio class blah, that one time I've known pretty apparent blah blah blah blah blah you forever! that I'm attracted o you Oh. well, I don't know Hey so, would if my boyfriend would you want to, I that. dunno, go out some time? Oh, here he comes now! SPLIT YOUR LUNGS WEALTH BLOOD WHEN YOU SEE AND THUNDER S RES EN ROES ONES TEE YOU WESTE CARS, MENT PREVATI AUNT ALL AHE5 EVORY LEG 44 WHAT PROPELS HARPOONS THRUST IN THE ME SKY DIRECTLY FOR HIS CROOKED BROW AND LOOK AIM STRAIGHT EEEETE!! HOLY Wait R CRE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!

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