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2:39 GNOND• B No 3 ill 14%1 6 000: A Message from Pete & Erik Hi everyone, This morning the U.S. Supreme Court delivered a ruling that overturns protections for reproductive healthcare. We knew this was a possibility when we communicated with you on this topic earlier this month, and we understand that many of you may be struggling to process the reality of the situation and what this means for you and your families. This is a vitally important subject for so many and elicits strong views, and we ask that as you engage in conversation, you do so with empathy and grace. We believe in creating a culture of inclusion, transparency and equity. As part of this, we remain committed to protecting your personal health decisions. All of our healthcare plans currently include coverage for reproductive care, and we're taking steps to ensure that you have continued access to these services no matter where you live. As of July 1, travel benefits will be available to employees covered by Nordstrom healthcare plans in states where care becomes unavailable. We also encourage VOU to take advantage

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