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1 r/Minecraft • Posted by years ago 5 8 23 S 2483 Java Edition is Moving House (now requires a Microsoft account) 2 L D 2592 Comments A Award A Share I save ® Hide P Report This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort By: Best View all comments View discussions in 23 other communities 2 yr. ago As much as they're playing this off, I don't like where this is going at all. What this could mean is that Minecraft accounts are now tied to Microsoft's ToS, meaning if you break Microsoft's rules, you're done. This is a big issue for servers like 2b2t where there ARE no rules. Misconduct is a huge thing on some servers, and I don't think we have the right to take that from them. 709 L Share Save Edit 2 yr. ago Mojira Moderator Servers like 2b2t should not be affected by this, no - since the way the rules are broken are not really breaking any Mojang ToS either. 217 L Give Award Share Report Save Comment deleted by user • 2 yr. ago

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