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12:06 4 al LTE < r/Conservative A T Vote 2.7k 1 Share Award the people and their elected representatives. 554 1 Maxwyfe• 1h Patriotic but not tribal I love those words "authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives." I haven't read the whole opinion yet but I am encouraged by this part. A G 1 284 mgmsuper Warning, they explicitly call out trying to remove access to birth control and gay marriage. A 1 25 bruce_lees_ghost • 15m surprised-pikachu.gif .. 86 144 4 more replies TheCouncil0fRicks • 1h Now if only our elected officials actually represented the people instead of corporations.. + G 126 1 Affectionate-Heat-51 • 27m 1,072 people here Add a comment

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