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11:53 PM | 0.4KB/s O b VPN LTE ur illl 32 C /b/ - >be me >b... No.880733851 25 minutes ago efefeafdfdagg.png PNG 168.9 KiB 849×585 ›be me >be at the bar ›see a cute girl sitting alone >go up to her >try to start a conversation >she's not really responsive ›i'm not really sure what to say finally i decide to ask her if she's into traps >she looks at me funny and says she doesn't know what that is >i try to play it cool and say "you know, like, anime traps" ›she still looks confused ›i'm starting to get really nervous »i'm about to give up and walk away when she finally speaks >"i'm sorry, i don't really watch anime" »i'm so relieved that i start talking too much >i tell her about all my favorite traps and how hot i think they are >she starts to look uncomfortable >i realize that i'm probably making her really uncomfortable >i try to wrap up the conversation >j say "well, it was nice meeting you" >i start to walk away >i hear her say "wait, you're a registered sex offender, right?" >i freeze >i slowly turn around and say "yeah, how'd you know?" »she looks at me and says "you were really creepy and i saw your name on the sex offender registry" >i try to say something but she's already walked away >i go home and jerk off to traps 2 replies No.880733916 23 minutes ago ≥>880733851 (OP) Dut r = O

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