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10 7 >Be 11 >Come home from school and go to kitchen. There's a new package Oreo's in the cabinet Grab one and open it to eat 73 KB JPG the creme ›Getidea.jpg »Take another Oreo out of the package, open it and put both together >Don't stop ›Proceed to take out more and more Oreo's out of the package until it is now a perfect cylinder of creme with two cookie on each side »Smoothe out sides. We can't have my creation looking uneven now, can we? >Get up and go to other cabinet. >Get bowl >Remove cookies from my creation and place it into the bowl >Mash and mix the creme around under it's all even. It fills up like half the bowl >Eat it all >Feel accomplished Jaw hurts from all the chewing cuz it was so thick >10 minutes later >Am unnaturally tired Stomach hurts and I have a headache >Mfw just ingested 4,000 calories of pure sugar in one sitting

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